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Clean Master helps clean all types of junk files photo junk,video junk, system junk, advertisement junk, and cachejunk tofree up storage space. Itgivesyour phone powerful protection with functions such asAnti-virusand AppLock.

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By scanning and removing viruses, CleanMasterprotects your phone from safety problems and privacydisclosure. Clean Master - the bestcleanerof all cleaning apps. Clean Master also provides customizedandprofessional cleaning for many social apps likeFacebook,Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram and many more.

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With ourprofessionalcleaner, you can free up much more space from theseapps easily andsafely without worrying about локал биткоин ru totalcoin io the wrongfiles. As a virus scanner and cleaner, it can scan viruses onall apps pre-installed or notblocks and removes viruses fromyour phoneto keep your device safe from viruses, trojans, malware,roguesoftware and protects your privacy.

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Clean Master providesthesafest protection on everything in your mobile. After boostingyourmobile, run a speed test to see how much faster it hasbecome.

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It stopstrashnotifications from jamming and slowing down your phone,keepingyour phone free from disturbing and annoying notifications. Aswell asextending your battery life!

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