Хардвуд трейдинг н. новгород


Over the years, the company has earned a reputation as a reliable хардвуд трейдинг н. новгород of high-quality birch plywood for export and domestic market.

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We provide high level logistic and customer service. It can be successfully applied for internal and external use.

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Thus, the plywood gets a permanent protection against moisture and external mechanical wear. The coating also makes cleaning much easier and has an very attractive appearance.

хардвуд трейдинг н. новгород

This should be a very high quality timber without knots with a diameter of from хардвуд трейдинг н. новгород mm and a length of meters. More about the manufacturer ExteriorWBP plywood is used in the following areas: Interior and exterior trimming of premises of different purposes. Plywood WBP is a stuff of higher durability and water-resistance, and due to that is used in construction, especially in rooms with high moisture.

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In construction the WBP plywood is widely used as the material for sheathing construction for pouring with concrete. In wall construction and roofing such a kind of plywood is also very popular. Machinery industry, shipbuilding, aircraft building, rail craft building.

хардвуд трейдинг н. новгород

Plywood WBP is indispensable for making of thermic panels and хардвуд трейдинг н. новгород constructions with heat-isolated materials, septa and bulkheads in shipbuilding and белые брокеры без предоплаты срочно новосиб рск fields of transport engineering.

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Manufacturing of package and components. Exterior plywood is used for boxes, pallets, trays and other items for logistics. Fabrication of big-sized outdoor billboards.

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Birch Bakelized plywood FBV Bakelite plywood possesses unique physical-mechanical properties: higher moisture-resistance, capability of withstanding very high loads and durability, longevity. Operational characteristics of this kind of plywood are much higher than plywood WBP has.

The peculiarity is that veneer is impregnated beforehand by glue based on resin "Prefer 14J" produced by METADYNEA, is dried with lower temperature, and only after that panels are assembled and baked in a press. Due to adjusted production techniques, the bakelized plywood FBV is applicable for usage in conditions of marine and tropical climate and possesses considerable resistance to aggressive environment.

Plywood FBV is applicable for bulkheads, septa, deck constructions for different purpose Machinery industry.

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Plywood FBV is of demand in laying floors, boards. Fabrication of outdoor billboards.

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Bakelite plywood has long-term resistance to the external environment influence, and this allows saving significantly marketing budgets. In this field plywood FBV are used for sheathing, roofing, making shelves, etc.

Plywood is packed in fluting cardboard. The volume of crate is 1,2 m3.