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Угрозы Brand Name Salesforce has been the pioneer in customer relationship management software and is the company with the largest market share in customer relationship management services.

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High Cash Stash The company keeps high levels crm в опционах cash and although this might sound non-profitable, it provides the company with flexibility to navigate difficult economic times and perform acquisitions or share buyback programs. EPS Surprise History The company has either met or beat EPS consensus estimates for at least twenty straight quarters, which creates a positive sentiment around the stock all else equal.

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Salesforce Dividend The company pays no dividend and as a result its stock might not be appealing to certain dividend income oriented investors. Acquisitions Given the fact that in this industry it is hard to lure customers from rivals, Salesforce realized that proceeding with acquisitions is what it takes to attract large pools of customers from competitors.

Einstein is an artificial intelligence platform that analyzes customer data crm в опционах a user-friendly all-in-one data management helper.

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Expansion Crm в опционах Salesforce opened a second data center this year in Japan to further support the fast-growing customer base in APAC region. Growing Crm в опционах Microsoft Corp. Competition The market in which the company operates is characterized by intense competition.

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This could lead to crm в опционах share and profit margin erosion in the future if the company does not act in a proactive manner. Integration Risk The company faces integration risk as part of its growth strategy is to acquire and crm в опционах competitors.

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